My Clinical Outcomes

My Clinical Outcomes (MCO) is a web-based platform that automates the collection and analysis of Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs). Data is collected regularly and remotely throughout diagnosis, treatment and long-term follow-up for any clinical condition. Watch our video to see an overview of what we do.

MCO was founded in 2011 and has collected data at over 70 hospitals, with over 1,000 clinicians and 25,000 patients using the system. The MCO team use this extensive experience to continually develop the platform and inform effective implementation. MCO integrates with existing workflows and is highly interoperable with other technical systems. It can be configured and implemented quickly so that outcomes data can be used to support clinical improvements within weeks.

How Does MCO Work?

Patient Reported Outcome Measure - Patient Assessment


  • Patients register and complete their first assessment on any device at home or in clinic
  • Reminder emails prompt the patient when their next assessment is due
  • A personalised dashboard allows users to track their results over time and understand the ongoing benefits of treatment
Patient Reported Outcome Measure - Clinician Dashboard


  • Data is made available to clinicians in real-time
  • Individual patients' results can be viewed, analysed and used to inform insight-driven clinical decisions
  • Data can be filtered, aggregated and analysed to compare cohorts and identify opportunities to improve
Value-Based Health Care - Management Dashboard


  • Meaningful variation in outcomes can be identified by comparing differences between sites, clinicians and treatment cohorts
  • The MCO advanced analytics suite enables detailed statistical evaluation of aggregate data
  • Insight can be used to increase value by focussing improvement efforts and reducing less effective treatments

UK & International Accreditation

MCO is accredited by the Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN) to help UK private hospitals meet the requirements set by the Competition & Markets Authority to collect and publish outcomes data.

In 2014, MCO were one of the first four suppliers to be accredited by the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM). ICHOM have published Standard Sets covering more than 50% of the global disease burden. MCO are proud to be an ICHOM Technology Affiliate.

We've been independently assessed and certified by BSI against the internationally recognised standard of ISO/IEC 27001 showing our ongoing commitment to information and data security.

British Standards Institution - BSI
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act - HIPPA
  • "MCO are quick to respond to support queries, knowledgeable about their product and PROMS internationally and are keen to ensure that we get fantastic value from the system. Setup was quick and easy, with minimal training required."
    — Elizabeth Harrin, Programme Manager, Spire Healthcare
  • "MCO are unusual in being led by a former clinician who understands the challenges of delivering high-quality, cost-effective IT systems in healthcare and who clearly has a singular focus on helping to solve the challenge of systematic outcomes measurement."
    — Professor Richard Schilling, London Atrial Fibrillation centre
  • "The digital-first approach taken by MCO engages patients in the process of measuring outcomes, allows data to be used to inform clinical decisions and allows our members to cost-effectively expand the scope of collected data as necessary."
    — Matt James, Chief Executive, Private Healthcare Information Network
  • "Patients have the right to know how good (or find out how bad) their surgeon is and it is only through the innovation and hard work of companies like MCO that this information is starting to become available."
    — Mr Richard Sinnerton, London Upper Limb Unit
  • "I am impressed both by their commitment to patient engagement in the process of measuring outcomes and on real-time clinical utility of collected data."
    — Mr Giles Stafford, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Sport Hip London

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