Restoring the reputation of the private hospital sector, June 2018

Restoring the reputation of the private hospital sector, June 2018

Industry views on how the UK private sector can respond following recent negative publicity around a highly critical Care Quality Commission report on the sector. The majority of contributors were in favour of improved transparency on quality and outcomes, including Nuffield Health CEO, Steve Gray, Aviva Medical Director, Doug Wright, NHS Partners Network CEO, David Hare, and our own Tim Williams who is quoted as saying, “We’d move from a world of service to a world of value-based healthcare – where providers get paid for delivering outcomes, not for the amount of work they do.”

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PROMs at the American Society of Clinical Oncology conference, May 2018

PROMs at the American Society of Clinical Oncology conference, May 2018

The benefits of incorporating digital patient-reported outcomes measurement into cancer treatment featured prominently again at this year’s American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) conference. 

The beneficial results from last year’s publication in JAMA by Basch et al. were recapped, specifically that in the study group using digital PROMs alongside usual treatments:

  • 31% reported quality of life benefits at 6 months

  • there were 7% fewer Emergency Room visits

  • mean overall survival was 5 months longer (translating to an absolute 5 year survival benefit of 8%)

There was also a discussion about barriers to adoption of PROs in routine practice that centred on the need for cost-effective, specialist digital tools.

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Article about how outcomes measurement affects doctors in private practice - Independent Practitioner Today, May 2018


Featuring in May's Independent Practitioner Today, a specialist publication focussed on doctors working in private practice, Tim Williams looks at how digital outcomes measurement can help clinicians to better engage with their patients, essential not least as PHIN starts publishing clinician-level outcomes data from summer of 2018.

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Podcast discussion: The Use of Patient Reported Outcomes Measures (PROMs) in the United Kingdom - The Healthcare Policy Podcast, May 2018


Following a recent 'The Healthcare Blog' opinion piece (see below) co-authored with US-based healthcare policy consultant David Introcaso, Tim Williams discusses UK perspectives on the use of digital outcomes measurement, lessons learned and potential applicability to for US providers with David in his regular podcast, The Healthcare Policy Podcast.

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Revitalising the Sector with Outcomes Analytics - Health Markets, May 2018

Healthcare Markets.png

Writing in this month's Laing Buisson Health Markets magazine for senior private sector management and investors, MCO CEO Tim Williams makes the case that the opportunity for outcomes measurement goes beyond simply complying with regulatory requirements, and has tangible clinical and commercial benefits.

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