MCO client Spire Healthcare “lead the way on collecting private healthcare outcomes data”, February 2018


PHIN v2.png

The Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN) have for the first time released information about which private healthcare providers are making the best progress towards the aim of collecting and submitting comprehensive outcomes data for publication. 

MCO have worked with Spire Healthcare to implement an innovative digital outcomes programme where others in the sector have opted for traditional pen-and-paper approaches to data collection. We are delighted therefore that they, and in particular Spire Leicester Hospital, have been singled out by PHIN as leading the way in the whole private sector in the UK on this essential initiative that will bring much needed transparency on quality to private healthcare.  

As well as meeting their requirements for PHIN, MCO gives patients and clinicians of Spire Healthcare visibility of outcomes data in real-time to support individual treatment choices. Future  releases by PHIN will see greater granularity in the data, in time showing variation in average health gain for treatments of different conditions, in different hospitals and by different clinicians. 

Click here to read the PHIN press release.

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