Developments in PROMs for Mental Health patients, January 2018



In a new paper in the British Journal of Psychiatry, Keetharuth and colleagues have tested the benefits of using the Recovering Quality of Life (ReQOL) PROM, for the first time aiming to address the challenge of systematically capturing a succinct, valid and reliable measure but that is broad enough to be used across services and patient groups and goes further than just facilitating diagnosis. The measure is determined to properly capture and differentiate patients and has generated enthusiasm with the NHS England National Medical Director commenting as a result, “Is this [2018] the year the mental health world cracks the data barrier? - routine PROMs, PREMs [are] the only sustainable way to make progress and gain support.”

A discussion of the paper on the respected “The Mental Elf” blog notes that "PROMs have been promoted for some time, but ...challenge of widespread implementation across a larger healthcare organisation and system, with ‘real-time’ digital usage and multi-level feedback and analysis for service users, clinicians, teams, and services – a problem as yet generally not cracked.”

MCO are working to leverage our technology to help address this significant need in an important disease area.

Click here to read the blog that discussed the developments.

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