Health Datapalooza, June 2014



Health Datapalooza is a US national health information technology conference, help annually in Washington DC, which focuses on, "liberating health data, and bringing together the companies, startups, academics, government agencies, and individuals with the newest and most innovative and effective uses of heath data to improve patient outcomes". Tim was invited by US Ministry of Health's National Coordinator of Health IT to take part in a panel discussion in the General Track on the Tuesday, co-hosted with NHS England, on "Accelerating Widespread Collection and Use of Patient Reported Outcomes in Electronic Technology in the United States & United Kingdom" and took part via a live weblink. 

The panel brought together US patient reported outcomes systems suppliers with academics and clinical registry experts interested in furthering UK and US collaboration in the area. As well as being an excellent opportunity to present and discuss our experiences in the UK, the session demonstrated that many of the challenges of implementation, engaging patients, making systems clinical useful and useable, as well as how data should best be analysed, insight communicated and advancements in practices made as a result were common to all and it therefore makes great sense to work together to share understanding.

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