MCO helps healthcare organisations collect and analyse the outcomes that matter to patients. Watch our overview to see how.


How does it work?

"Outcomes are the results people care about most when seeking treatment, including functional improvement and the the ability to live normal, productive lives."  ICHOM, 2016                             

 MCO collects and reports relevant outcome measures from patients throughout their care according to local requirements. 


  • Patients enter data
    • via desktop, tablet or smartphone
    • in-clinic, on the ward or at home
    • tailored to condition, treatment and stage of treatment


  • Clinicians may, if required, review results in real-time to
    • validate accuracy of treatment details  
    • personalise care for individuals
    • monitor long-term progress


  • Healthcare organisations have new information to ensure high value care and
    • identify meaningful clinical variation across whole service
    • review current and historical analytics broken down to any level
    • ensure high patient engagement though real-time uptake metrics


It is now possible to systematically measure the actual results of treatment in order to ensure high quality care for all patients.



UK & International Accreditation

MCO is accredited by the Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN) to help  UK private hospitals meet the requirements set by the Competition & Markets Authority to collect and publish outcomes data.  

In 2014, MCO were one of the first four suppliers to be accredited by the International Consortium of Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM). ICHOM are aiming to publish Standard Sets covering more than 50% of the global disease burden by 2017. 
MCO are  proud to be an ICHOM Technology Affiliate.

We've been independently assessed and certified by BSI against the internationally recognised standard ISO/IEC 27001 showing our ongoing commitment to information and data security. 

  • "MCO are quick to respond to support queries, knowledgeable about their product and PROMS internationally and are keen to ensure that we get fantastic value from the system. Setup was quick and easy, with minimal training required."
    — Elizabeth Harrin, Programme Manager, Spire Healthcare
  • "MCO are unusual in being led by a former clinician who understands the challenges of delivering high-quality, cost-effective IT systems in healthcare and who clearly has a singular focus on helping to solve the challenge of systematic outcomes measurement."
    — Professor Richard Schilling, London Atrial Fibrillation centre
  • "The digital-first approach taken by MCO engages patients in the process of measuring outcomes, allows data to be used to inform clinical decisions and allows our members to cost-effectively expand the scope of collected data as necessary."
    — Matt James, Chief Executive, Private Healthcare Information Network
  • "Patients have the right to know how good (or find out how bad) their surgeon is and it is only through the innovation and hard work of companies like MCO that this information is starting to become available."
    — Mr Richard Sinnerton, London Upper Limb Unit
  • "I am impressed both by their commitment to patient engagement in the process of measuring outcomes and on real-time clinical utility of collected data."
    — Mr Giles Stafford, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Sport Hip London



Dr Tim Williams | CEO

Tim worked in the NHS as a doctor and healthcare management consultant before founding My Clinical Outcomes in 2011 to help bridge the gap in patient-centred data available to inform clinical care. He undertook Prof. Michael Porter's Value-Based Healthcare 2014 seminar at Harvard Business School (HBS) and attended the 2nd and 3rd annual ICHOM conferences at HBS, presenting MCO as a certified supplier at the latter in 2014.  He is committed to addressing the need for cost-effective digital technology to support the widespread adoption of Value Based Healthcare.



Sally was a financial trader in the City of London by background, before becoming an account director at Data Explorers, a financial data and software company providing sensitive benchmarking information to large investment banks and hedge funds. More recently Sally was COO of Userly, an outsourced technical partner for high-end startups. She joined My Clinical Outcomes to apply her specialist mix expertise to help address some of the technology challenges of healthcare.  



Kulvinder is the former CTO at the Map of Medicine where he was responsible for software development and service delivery in domestic and international markets (specifically in the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions). He is focused on product innovation strategies, ensuring successful roadmap delivery, ensuring the security and scalability of the underlying architecture in accordance with international governance requirements, and leading the in-house technical team.